Route 352 (Middletown Road) and U.S. 1 Roadway Improvement Project

Project Information

The SR 0352, Section US1 Project (MPMS #15251) is in Middletown Township, Delaware County. The objectives of this project are to improve safety and reduce congestion at the cloverleaf interchange between SR 0001 and SR 0352 (originally constructed in 1939) at the terminus of the Media Bypass interchange with Baltimore Pike (originally constructed in 1958). The project also includes improvements to the adjoining roadway network comprised of Baltimore Pike, SR 0352, and SR 0452.

The study area includes the interchanges of SR 0001 with Middletown Road (SR 0352) and SR 0001 (Media Bypass) with Baltimore Pike. The study area also includes the adjacent intersections of SR 0001 with Pennell Road (SR 0452), and SR 0352 with SR 0452. Along SR 0001 (Baltimore Pike) the study limits extend approximately 1,500 feet west of the intersection with SR 0452. The limits extend about 1,500 feet north along SR 0001 bypass from the northbound SR 0001 bridge over Baltimore Pike, and along Baltimore Pike approximately 700 feet east of the intersection with School Lane. Along SR 0352 the limits extend from approximately 1,800 feet south of the interchange with SR 0001 to approximately 1,800 feet north of the intersection with SR 0452. The limits extend along SR 0452 approximately 700 feet north and south of the intersections with SR 0001 and SR 0352 respectively.